Apple lightning cable is going to replace with a USB C – A catastrophe!

Lightning Cable

Apple is switching its lightning cables in 2023 in the favour of USB-C, The company is facing a backlash by the European lawmakers as they had set the standard of common charger. It is happening second time in the history that apple is going to change the port.

Lightning cable  

Basically, a lightning cable is Apple’s patented cable that is exerted for many tech products – most apple products use a lightning cable port, that is used to power up your devices; on the other hand, it can be used for many other things like data transfer when you connect it to the laptop. 

Lightning Cable


USB-C is quite different from lightning cable, and it can give a better performance – it is easy to use and has more capability and power than the previous USB types. 

USB type C is the latest connector, developed and tried by the famous implementers by – USB-IF, a crew of industry heads within the consumer electronics community like Apple and Dell.

  • Why iphone is going to face backlash

As iPhone is facing backlash for many things as people were not happy with their battery timing, overheating, screen glitches, defecting volume button – and now it has to face something new; lawmakers have decided that everyone will use common charger for their devices, European lawmakers marked on common charger standard that will lessen the new sales of iPhones with lightning charging ports and leaving the strong mark on U.S tech giant – one of the biggest markets.

European consumers were fed up with different chargers stacked up within their homes – they were totally upset by experimenting with multiple chargers as replacement chargers for iPhone quietly much expensive – that’s how lightning iPhone charger is facing backlash.

  • Lightning cable to USB-C 

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple will ditch its lightning cable and replace it with USB-C, as iPhone 15 is a lineup to launch in the second half of 2023.

In September 2012, Apple introduced its lightning cable to its users, and it has played a major role as the standard port on mobile apple offerings – and now the consumers are devastated as they don’t want to spend money on multiple chargers, the European lawmakers going to ban lightning chargers devices to Europe as they had set a standard for a common charger – Apple will replace its lightning cable to USB-C in 2023. 

  • Apple is testing phones in favor of USB-C. 

The company is testing all models of iPhone just to figure out which model has the capacity to adopt a new adapter – in history, and it would be a second port change that will affect the old phones; many people said that who has knowledge about these circumstances, this particular move will help the company conform with European regulations, this move will drag some complaints – but the customers will accept this swiftly. 

In the few years, people will be using USB-C instead of lightning cables.

  • Comparison between lightning cable and USB-C 

If we compare lightning cables and USB-C, then it’s quite easy to explain how much they’re capable of – in the latest research, researchers have found that USB-C ports are more durable than lightning cables, and people moved from USB to lightning cables in the past few years – but USB-C has much potential and power to charge up devices its reliable, while on the other hand lightning iPhone cables are much slower and transfer data at USB 2.0 rates of 480Mbps. 

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