Causes of unemployment in Pakistan


Pakistan is a developing country that is struggling for its existence. Being a growing country, Pakistan is facing several difficulties. The main problem is unemployment.

Unemployment is the basic problem in many countries, especially in Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan is facing this problem terribly and in Pakistan, the rate of unemployment is growing rapidly. This article has made every effort to identify the main causes of Unemployment in Pakistan and its solutions. Keep reading this article.


Unemployment is known as the condition in which people can’t find work. In addition, there are various other types. such as Socioeconomics. Unemployment has devastating consequences, not only for the people of Pakistan as well as the economy of the country.

statista in 2022

Employed-unemployed                                                     statistical data

population                                                                              228 Million

Employed people                                                                   60 Million

Unemployed people                                                              3 Million

Unemployed Rate                                                                   4.7%

Causes of unemployment in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Unemployment is the most important social and economic crisis and over 2 million people in Pakistan are unemployed.


Rapidly growing population rate:

The main cause of unemployment is the rapidly growing population rate. One of the most serious concerns is the rapidly growing population. which need to be handled. According to statistics, the population of Pakistan is increasing at a pace of 2.2 percent per year.

There are many reasons for overpopulation, like

  1. Early marriage
  2. Lack of awareness
  3. Illiteracy
  4. A desire for more sons or daughter

Fault in our Education System:

To be honest, the education system of Pakistan is inadequate and there is no proper system of education, mostly in rural areas. Due to this, uneducated people become a burden for a country, as well as for their families. There are many colleges in urban areas that provide students with the knowledge, but this knowledge does not meet the requirements of industries. From primary school level to graduate and postgraduate, students must be trained with capabilities that are required for a good job.

Pakistans’ current economic condition:

The economic condition of Pakistan is another cause of unemployment. In these modern times, Pakistan’s economic decline is no longer a mystery and many businesses are suffering from a severe downturn which leads to the Minnesota unemployment of 5 Thousand workers. And many businesses are cutting their wages to decrease costs and maximize profits; as a result, there are no more jobs. If this condition remains unchanged and uncontrollable, the rate of unemployment will increase from its current rate.

High taxation rate:

Another cause of unemployment is the high taxation rate. Instead of providing the facilities to industries, the government is increasing taxes. Raw material taxation, property taxation, income taxation, and import taxation are all contributing to unemployment. Due to this, manufacturing industries decrease the additional jobs, and many people remain unemployed.

A rapid increase in dollar rate:

The dollar rate is increasing day by day due to this costs of every basic thing are increasing. When we sell anything in a foreign country for $1, it costs us 186 rupees in Pakistan. The value of the rupee is decreasing. The export is causing damage, due to these companies exporting things don’t run, and the workers remain unemployed.

The solution to unemployment in Pakistan

unemployment benefits

It will be very difficult for the government to resolve this most pressing problem, unemployment.

But, every problem has a solution.

solutions to unemployment are:

I.       The first step for reducing this Unemployment in Pakistan is for the government. Government should give opportunities for jobs to unemployed people.

II.     Government should promote the schemes like ” PERSONAL LOANS IN PAKISTAN.” and also other schemes like this.

III.   It is also necessary to develop well-recognized training and educational institutes.

IV.   The retirement age should be 50 years old. However, young people can avail these jobs.

V.     Peace should prevail in Pakistan so that foreign investors would not hesitate to start their business in Pakistan and also would not hesitate to make investments in Pakistan.

VI.   A businessman should be encouraged to start a new business.

VII. As Pakistan is an agricultural country, the agricultural sector should be improved.

VIII. Aware the people about the causes of overpopulation.

IX.   Centers for family planning.

X.   Governments should uproot inauthentic sources. So that people should get a job.

XI.   The youngster should develop the qualities of working hard in themselves.

If every citizen starts to perform his performance with consistency, there will be no one who can stop the nation to progress.


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