What is Diabetes?


Diabetes is a chronic disease. In this condition, your body cannot convert glucose(sugar) into glycogen. And blood contains more sugar than its normal value. This disease is now more common in the whole world. It mostly causes the death of a person. Diabetes damages most parts of our body. And mostly affects Organs that cause the death of a person.
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What is the main cause ?

Our body has many hormones. Hormones are organic compounds. It releases into the blood and is transported throughout the body. where they affect physiological responses.


Insulin is also a hormone. It plays an important role in our body. It controls the normal value of glucose in our body. B- cells of islets of Langerhans synthesize insulin. Insulin drops blood glucose levels at normal extant.

It performs the following roles:

i. Increases glycogen synthesis.
ii. Increases utilization of glucose.
iii. It helps in conversion of glucose into lipids and proteins.
iv. stop the hydrolysis of glucose in the liver and the muscles.
When your pancreas is not performing well. And doesn’t make insulin, it leads to Diabetes.

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Common types of diabetes are:

Type 1:

it is called” diabetes Mellitus.” In this case, your body has a high sugar level. Patients with this disease need to take insulin every day. In another word, it is named ” Insulin-dependent.”

Type 2:

This type is the most common type. Our body doesn’t make insulin, our body cells don’t respond to the insulin. This type raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.


As pre means ” before”, that is why prediabetes is known as” stage before type 2 .”
In this case, your body has more sugar levels but is not enough. If you have symptoms of this type then you have the risk of Type 2.

gestational diabetes

This type occurs in women. During their pregnancy. It usually goes away after pregnancy. If you have symptoms of this type, you have the risk of Type 2.

Risk factors

Factors of Type 1:

i. If any family member is suffered from this type.
ii. Damage of pancreas(infection, tumor, or accident).
iii. The presence of any antibodies which attack your body’s tissues or organs is also a factor of Type 1 Diabetes.
iv. illness

 Factors of Type 2 and prediabetes:

Some factors are given below:
i. Family history.
ii. Being overweight
iii. High blood pressure.
iv. Low cholesterol level and high triglyceride level.
v. Smoking.
vi. Inactive physically.

 Risk factors for gestational Diabetes:

risk factors for gestational diabetes.
i. Overweight
ii. Over 25 years age
iii. Family history


If you have any of the following symptoms, see your doctor.
i. Urinate a lot.
ii. Increased thirst.
iii. Blurry vision.
iv. Very Dry skin.
v. Weight loss
vi. Dry mouth.
vii. Hunger and fatigue.
viii. Itchy skin.


If this disease remains untreated, it causes more problems. Some complications(problems) cause the death of a person.
These complications are listed below:
i. Cardiovascular problems like coronary artery disease, heart attack, chest pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, atherosclerosis, etc.

other complications:

ii. Neuropathy (nerve problems)
iii. Nephropathy (kidney problems) causes kidney failure.
iv. Retinopathy (eyes problems) causes blindness.
v. Skin problems.
vi. Hearing loss.
vii. Depression.

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